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Title: Ode to Intuición Series
Theme: Exploring preciousness and play through the construction of non-functional vessels.
Medium: Found, Blown and Engraved Glass.
City / Year: Edinburgh, UK 2013
Photography: Shannon Tofts
Price Upon appreciation

The primary theme within my creative process is the exploration of preciousness and how intuitive play jumpstarts the creation of new ideas within the studio practice. Preciousness is not only the value or quality of the materials themselves but more so the journey of transformation they represent. I find myself favoring and treasuring objects that act as storytellers and constitute experiences that are a link to emotional connections. Therefore, it is essential for the creative process to give the artwork the same significance, disregarding where it came from or how it was constructed. I want to create raw pieces that are put together sensibly through the joyfulness of play, explore the different materials to create new meaning and invite the viewer to become part of the journey. This is how the ‘Ode to Intuición’ Series of 55 non-functional / sculptural vessels came to life.